Inside Scoop

We are your Snohomies! 

Juniper and Lu is a family run and operated business. Our family, the Allen's have lived in Snohomish since 2014 and love our town. Juniper and Lu is named after our children Juniper who was born in 2018 and Lucius who was born in 2016.

We wanted to create a gathering place for our community where you can meet up for a playdate treat, take a first date or just run into your neighbors.

Every batch of ice cream is meticulously made in Snohomish, WA 
We incorporate local ingredients and support local makers, farmers and bakeries.

We strive to serve the best quality, natural ice cream that is rich in flavor and smooth. Our ice cream is made with local grass-fed milk and cream, eggs and berries. Every batch of ice cream is made on a small scale with more cream and less air which give a velvety consistency and distinct flavor. All ice cream is vat-pasteurized to slow cook ingredients and retain flavor. 

Energy Efficient
The plant in which our ice cream is made is low energy use and employs the following to mitigate impact on the environment: solar panels, compressor waste heat recovery, LED lighting and energy efficient equipment.

Highlight of our local makers, farmers and bakeries:

Mama Bear Products - Granite Falls, WA
Sauces, Jams and Fruit
Hayton Farm Berries - Skagit Valley, WA
Fresh Organic Berries
Snohomish Bee Company - Snohomish, WA
Delicious Local Honey
Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Portland, OR
Dilettante Chocolates - Tukwila, WA
Rich Creamy Sauces and Toppings